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  • Integrate AC/DC Withstand Voltage and Insulation Resistance Test Function Hipot Tester

    Model: AT9636


    ●9 inch TFT-LCD display
    ●Rich interface such as RS232,HANDLER,ALARM,REMOTE,USB-232/RS485(Options)
    ●Arc ARC detection function
    ●AC withstand voltage test rated output: 5kVac/100mA
    ●DC withstand voltage test rated output: 6kVdc/10mA
    ●Insulation test rated output: 2.5kVdc/9999MΩ

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    • AT9636 Electrical safety analyzer is an instrument that integrates multiple testing functions of electrical strength (AC/DC withstand voltage) and insulation resistance, rate output 5kV/100mA, 500VA. It is an important testing equipment for electrical manufacturers
      and quality inspection departments.
      Adopt a high-speed microprocessor as the control core, which can measure various safety parameters of the tested object in real time, and complete three tests within 4 seconds, which especially can meet the rapid testing requirements of the production line.
      Adopt a 9-inch color LCD screen display, which can quickly complete various settings and tests by numeric keyboards, simple to operate; the large screen display can display more detailed test information and data on one page.
      Intelligent judgment function of upper and lower limits, can automatically identify defective products, and provide sound and light alarms.
      Adopts a variety of anti-interference measures with strong anti-interference ability.
      High- voltage non-contact adjustment.
      It has hardware and software protection, which greatly improves the reliability of the instrument.
      Automatic over-voltage and over-current protection makes it safer to use.

    • Measurement FunctionsAC/DC Withstanding Voltage & Insulation Resistance(IR)
      Standard Configuration5kV,100mA,500VA
      Protect FunctionOV/OC
      Other FunctionsLIST Edit
      Discharge Function
      9 inch LCD + Touch panel
      AC Withstand Voltage
      Rate OuputAC 5.000kV/100mA
      Output Power500VA (≥90%)
      Output Voltage100~5000 V AC; Resolution: 1V
      Voltage Accuracy2% of reading + 5 digits
      Output Regulation2% of reading +5V
      Voltage Output Stability±(0.4% of setting +1V)/ min,From no load to full load
      Output RippleResistive Load:<2%
      Output Frequency50Hz/60Hz
      Short-circuit Current>200mA
      Voltage Measurement(0.10 ~ 5.00)kV,Resolution:0.01kV
      Voltage Accuracy(1.5% of reading+1 counts)
      Measurement Current0.000~3.500/3.00~100.00 mA , Resolution:0.001/0.01 mA
      Current Accuracy2% of reading + 5 digits
      DC Withstand Voltage
      Rate OutputDC 6kV/10mA
      Output Power60VA, ≥90%
      Output Voltage0.1kV-6.000kV DC; Resolution: 1V
      Voltage Accuracy2% of reading + 5 digits
      Output Regulation±(2% of setting +5V),From no load to full load
      Output Ripple<5%(6kV/1mA at Resistive Load)
      Current Measurement0.0~350.0/300~3500/3000~9999 μA/10mA
      Resolution: 0.1/1/10μA/0.01mA
      Current Accuracy2% of reading +5 Counts
      Insulation Resistance
      Rate OutputDC 2.5kV/9999MΩ
      Output Voltage100~2500V DC; Resolution: 1V
      Voltage Accuracy2%of setting +5V
      Drop VoltageNot less than rated voltage 90%,drop resistance 10MΩ(1% of range)
      Measurement Range0.1MΩ-10GΩ
      IR AccuracyRange:(1 ~9999) MΩ,Resolution: 1MΩ
      Accuracy:(100-499) V, 1~1000,±(8% of reading +2counts)
                                       1000~2000,±(12% of reading + 2counts) 
      (500-2500V),1~199,±(2% of reading + 2counts),
                        200~999, ± (5% of reading + 2counts)
                        1000~9999, ± (15% of reading + 2 counts)
      Power Supply198V~242V AC;50/60Hz
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