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  • AC 5.000kV 20mA and DC 6kV 10mA with Insulation Resistance Hipot Tester

    Model: AT9220


    ●AT9220 can provide 5kVAC/20mA withstand voltage, 6kVDC/10mA withstand voltage, insulation resistance test
    ●Controllable sine generator: It can be set to work at 50 or 60Hz when AC output, no longer limited by line voltage
    ●Linear power amplifier: the distortion of the voltage waveform is small, the control is simple and the reliability is high
    ●Output voltage closed-loop control: to ensure that the load adjustment rate is small and the test data is reliable
    ●It can independently perform AC withstand voltage test, DC withstand voltage test, and insulation resistance test, and can pass the test
    ●Project setting of trial plan, multi-project sequential test

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    • AT9220 AC/DC hipot tester adopts 5 inches TFT true color LCD display ( touch screen) and with high performance 32 bits processor. It is small sizes, light weight 8kg ,super cost-effective, easy to operate. The high-voltage module of the instrument uses a DA as base, a controllable sine generator, a class AB power amplifier, 40-600Hz high-voltage transformer for boosting, and the output voltage is closed-loop controlled.
      AT9220 series equiped with Handler (PLC), The RS232C interface can easily carry out data communication and remote control with the PC, which can meet the requirements of automated testing and improve production efficiency.

    • Measurement FunctionsAC/DC Withstanding Voltage & IR
      Arc Detection9 Levels (AC/DC)
      Other FunctionsLIST Edit
      Discharge Function
      5 inch LCD + Touch panel
      AC Withstand Voltage
      Rate OuputAC 5.000kV/20mA
      Output Voltage0.050kV-5.000KV AC; Resolution: 1V
      Voltage Accuracy2% of reading + 5 digits
      Output Regulation2% of reading +5V
      Output Frequency50Hz/60Hz
      Measurement Current0.001mA-20.00mA; Resolution: 0.001 / 0.01
      Current Accuracy2% of reading + 5 digits
      Rising Time0.1s-999.9s
      Testing Time0.2s-999.9s
      Falling Time0.1s-999.9s
      DC Withstand Voltage
      Rate OutputDC 6kV/10mA
      Output Voltage0.050kV-6.000kV DC; Resolution: 1V
      Voltage Accuracy2% of reading + 5 digits
      Output Regulation2% of reading +5V
      Current Measurement0.1μA-10.000mA
      Current Accuracy2% of reading +5 digits
      Rising Time0.1s-999.9s
      Testing Time0.2s-999.9s
      Falling Time0.1s-999.9s
      Insulation Resistance
      Rate OutputDC 1kV/10GΩ
      Output Voltage0.050kV-1.000kV DC; Resolution: 1V
      Voltage Accuracy1% of reading + 2 digits
      Measurement Range0.1MΩ-10GΩ
      IR Accuracy<500V:
      0.1MΩ-1GΩ, Accuracy:±(10% of reading +5 digits)
      1GΩ-10GΩ , For reference only, no accuracy requirement
      ≥ 500V:
      1MΩ-1GΩ, Accuracy:±(5% of reading +5 digits)
      1GΩ-10GΩ, Accuracy:±(10% of reading +5 digits)
      Testing Time0.2s-999.9s
      Power Supply198V ~ 242V 50/60Hz; 400VA
      Dimension270mm( W )*130mm( H )*450mm ( D )
      AccessoriesATL900E-1 High voltage test rod
      ATL900E Withstand voltage test line
      ATL108 RS232 Communication
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