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  • 100Hz to 10kHz 10 Point Test LCR Meter

    Model: ET4401


    ●Measuring frequency up to 10KHz

    ●Test level 10~2000 mv, 1 mv step continuously adjustable

    ●Support dc resistance (DCR), electrolytic capacitor measurement

    ●Internal bias voltage output 10 mv~1500 mv

    ●Communications: USB Device, RS232, Handle, GPIB (optional), USB Host (optional)

    ●Data record function (maximum, minimum, average)

    ●Support SCPI communication protocol

    ●Basic measurement accuracy of 0.2%

    ●Comparator separation (5), alarm function

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    • This series LCR digital bridge is designed using automatic balance bridge principle component parameter analyzer, the tests of 10 hz ~ 100 KHZ bandwidth, frequency adjustable, 0.2% of the basic classification function provided by the accuracy of measurement and instrument for the vast majority of components and materials to provide accurate and complete the survey and analysis, is widely used in product research and development, components such as incoming inspection, product online applications.

    • ModelET4401ET4402ET4410
      Testing Frequency

      10 Points: 100,120,200,400,800,1K,2K


      12 Points: 100,120,200,400,800,1K,2K,4K,8K


      16 Points:   100,120,200,400,800,1K,2K,4K,8K,10K,15K


      Display Screen3.5 inch TFT LCD screen
      Number of Display DigitsPrincipal parameter: 5 digit ; Secondary parameter: 5 digit
      Measured ParameterPrincipal parameter: L/C/R/Z;    Secondary parameter: X/D/Q/θ/ESR
      Measurement RangeL:0.001µH~9999H
      Basic Accuracy0.20%
      Measuring Display Speed2 time/s (slow), 4 times/s (medium), 8 time/s (fast)
      Internal Bias0~1500mV adjustable, at a step of 1mV
      Testing LevelSix fixed level(0.1V,0.3V,0.6V,1V,1.5V,2V)
      Signal Source Output Impedance30Ω, 100Ω
      Calibration FunctionOpen circuit calibration, short circuit calibration
      Screening FunctionThe limit range of screening can be set to ±50%, and the fixed points are 1%, 5%, 10% and 20%.

      5 groups sorting,3 groups of qualified setting, 1 group of   unqualified setting,

      1 group of auxiliary setting

      Standard InterfacesRS232(or 485) , USB Device, Handler 
      Optional InterfacesGPIB,USB   Host

      Support dc resistance (DCR), electrolytic capacitor measurement model,Adjustment of backlight brightness, Chinese and English are optional

    • Standard Accessories:

      Three-core power cord

      4-terminals of kelvin testing cable

      Optional Accessories:

      GPIB cable

      RS232 serial port line

      USB cable

      2m/4m test cable

      Lead-type kelvin testing fixture

      SMD components t testing fixture

      LCR testing pen/4-lines SMT components testing fixture 

      Kelvin testing fixture

      Gilded short circuit bar

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