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  • 100Hz to 10kHz LCR Meter

    Model: AT2811


    ●Principle parameter 0.8 inches LED display, sub parameter 0.5 inches LED display.

    ●Display principle parameter and sub parameter simultaneously, 5 digits display.

    ●Short and open full frequency zero clearing

    ●Comparator(sorting) function: 5-bin sorting

    ●Comparator function display: LED display

    ●Beep: can turn on/off beep for all comparator results

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    • AT2811 is a common digital LCR meter, it is a desktop type LCR meter that adopts high-performance ARM micro processor. Four frequency points are available: 100Hz,120Hz,1kHz,10kHz; 0.1V、0.3V and 1V signal level is selectable; source resistance 30Ω、100Ω is selectable. AT2811 can AUTO measure L,C,R,Z,Q and D.

      Brand new designed AT2811 has the highest cost performance,it is easy to operate, can meet the precision measurement and volume production's requirements for component manufactories,universities, research institutions and quality departments.

      AT2811 has built-in comparator function, 5 bins sorting display and sorting beep setup.



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    • Test   FunctionsL,C,R,Z,D,Q
      Measurement Frequency100Hz,120Hz,1kHz,10kHz
      Measurement RangeAuto/Hold, 6 ranges
      Measurement SpeedSLOW:  3 times/s, FAST: 10 times/s
      Display RangeL: 0.01μH-9999H
      C: 0.01pF-9999μF
      R,Z: 0.0001Ω - 99.99MΩ
      D, 0.0001–9.999
      Q: 0.0001–999.9
      Source Resistance30Ω,100Ω
      Display Reader29999
      Equivalent CircuitSerial and Parallel
      Signal Level0.1Vrms, 0.3Vrms and 1Vrms
      Comparator5 Bins: P1/P2/P3/AUX/NG
      AdjustmentOPEN/SHORT Zeroing
      Beep FeatureP1, P2, P3, AUX, NG, OFF
      Power SupplyAC 198V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
      10W MAX
      Dimension220mm(W) x 85mm(H) x 259mm(L)
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