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  • 10Hz to 300kHz LCR Meter

    Model: AT3818


    ●Store 999 LCD screen files, trigger delay, automatic level control (ALC)

    ●Multi-frequency test: support 10 frequency scan tests

    ●Multi-level test: support 10 level scan tests

    ●Absolute deviation (ABS) comparison mode, relative deviation (PER) and order (SEQ) comparison

    ●Switchable accessory file (AUX) sorting

    ●Programmable from 1 to 200 times to provide stability

    ●Custom sorting results are heard

    ●Built-in RS232C interface and Handler interface

    ●1000V super shock protection

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    • The newly upgraded AT3818 adopt true color TFT-LCD display and full Chinese operation interface (configurable into English ). Displayed in large fonts, readings are more intuitive, used for laboratory quality control, feed inspection and component sorting. AT3818 with continuous frequency point of 10Hz~300kHz with a resolution of 0.001Hz. Test signal level 0.01Vrms ~ 2.00Vrms (10mV step), (add DCR measurement and internal DC bias (DC BIAS, ±2.5V) compared to AT28 series)

      AT3818 can test the 4 parameters of component at the same time, each parameter can be arbitrarily configured. The newly improved instrument realizes display of main and auxiliary four parameters all 6 digits, can scan 10 kinds of frequency or level list, it can also be used for 3 groups frequency be corrected to improve accuracy. Built-in comparator, through HANDLER interface combined with PLC to complete the automatic sorting of components.

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    • ParametersCs-Rs,Cs-D,Cp-Rp,Cp-D,Lp-Rp,Lp-Q,Ls-Rs,Ls-Q, Rs-Q,R-X,Z-θrad,Z-θdeg,DCR
      Monitor ParametersZ, D, Q, θr, θd, R, X, G, B, Y, Vac, Iac,   Δ, Δ%
      AccuracySlow / Medium speed: 0.05%±5 words Fast: 0.1%
      Frequency10Hz~300kHz (continuous frequency,   resolution 0.001Hz)
      Display RangeL: 0.00001uH~9999.99H
      C: 0.00001pF~ 9999.99uF
      R,X,Z: 0.00001Ω~99.9999MΩ
      %: -999999%~999999% q
      (deg):-179.999~179.999° q
      Source Resistance30Ω,50Ω and 100Ω
      RangeAutomatic, Manual, and nominal, 9 ranges
      Display Max6 digital, principle parameter: 999999;  
      sub parameter:999999
      monitor parameter: 999999
      Signal Level0.01V - 2.00V (10mV Step)
      SpeedFast: 25ms medium speed: 100ms slow speed:   333ms
      Comparator14-bin sorting, 10-bin GD, 1-bin NG, 1-bin   AUX, 2-bin principle parameter NG;
      Count Function:Max. to 999999
      List Test10 group frequency and level scanning   measurement
      AdjustmentOpen & Short circuit sweep frequency   correction,
      3 point frequency correction and load calibration.
      Files10 group files to save user's setting, 1   group to save system data real-time
      InterfaceRS232C, ExHandler interface, standard configuration USB Disc interface (10000 data)
      DisplayStore 999 LCD screen files, trigger delay,   automatic level control (ALC)
      Power SupplyVoltage: 90V AC - 250V AC Frequency: 50Hz   - 60Hz Max Power: 20VA
      Demension264mm (W)x107mm(H)x350mm(D) 
      AccessoriesATL501E:Kelvin Test clip

      ATL601:Test fixture 

      ATL600:Short-circuit slice

      ATL508A:SMD patch test clip
      ATL108:RS232 Communication cable
      ATL608:SMD patch test fixture (optional)
      ATL508:SMD patch test clip (optional)
      ATS2818:Data acquisition software (optional)
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