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  • 1.2 GHz Frequency Range TV QAM Analyzer

    Model: DS2460Q


    ●5 MHz to 1052 MHz range (analog signals)
    ●46MHz to 1052 MHz range (digital signals)
    ●Built-in auto channel scan and learning tool
    ●Ethernet and micro USB ports
    ●QAM MER constellation display
    ●Pre and Post BER analysis
    ●BER, ES, SES, Corrected/Uncorrected bit error
    ●Return Path & Forward spectrum scan
    ●AC/DC voltage measurements, including HUM

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    • The DS2460Q is a multi-functional instrument that supports digital QAM and analog signals in CATV networks It is the ideal tool for initial network installations, service, and troubleshooting tasks The ruggedized design includes an outer chassis protector, while the icon-based GUI features programmable preset pass/ fail limits. The easy-flowing menus are designed for increased efficiency and productivity for all levels of technicians.
      MER, Pre & Post BER measurements, and statistics features allow quick verification of loose connections, generally related to pixelated pictures or slow DS internet data flow. The digital measurement functions also help identify mismatches caused by open coaxial lines or impedance mismatch.
      Other features - including return path & forward spectrum scan, 12 favorite tilt frequencies, AC line voltage test, HUM and DC voltage measurements, combined with complete data logging and management software - make this unit a versatile tool for cable installations.


    • Frequency
      Frequency Range 5MHz~1052MHz
      Frequency Accuracy± 50 PPM
      Frequency Resolution10kHz
      Resolution Bandwidth(-3dB)280KHz
      Normal Spectrum Analysis
      Frequency Range45MHz~1052 MHz
      Span Min Span; 2.5 MHz; 6.25 MHz; 12.5 MHz; 25 MHz; 62.5 MHz; Full Span
      Fast Spectrum Analysis
      Frequency Range 5MHz~1220MHz
      Span Min Span; 12.5 MHz;  25 MHz; 62.5 MHz; Full Span
      Channel Type
      Analog TV PAL, NTSC
      Digital TV QAM 16/32/64/128/256
      FM Radio Single frequency
      Channel Scan
      Number of   Channels 160 channels max
      Scale 1,2,5,10dB/div
      Zoom 1X,2X,3X,4X,5X five levels
      Analog TV Measurement
      Level Measurement Range-30dBmV~+60dBmV
      Level Measurement Accuracy±2dB
      Level Measurement Resolution0.1dB
      Resolution Bandwidth 280kHz
      C/N >50dB
      HUM Measurement Range 2% to 5%
      Digital TV Measurement
      Frequency Range46MHz~1052MHz
      Power Level Range-30dBmV~+60dBmV
      Power Level Accuracy±2dB
      Power Level Resolution0.1dB
      Demodulation TypeStandard ITU-TJ 83 Annex A, B and C
      Interleave Depth 128x1~128x4(J.83B);12x17(J.83A/C)
      Symbol Rate Range 4MS/sec~7MS/sec
      Max MER 41dB
      MER Accuracy± 2dB
      BER 1E-3 to 1E-9
      Constellation Display ModeQAM64 and QAM256 with zoom capability
      Spectrum Analysis
      Bandwidth 2.5MHz; 6.25 MHz; 12.5 MHz; 25 MHz; 62.5 MHz; Full Span
      Scale 1dB, 2dB, 5dB, 10dB
      Line Voltage Measurement
      Range 0V to 100V (AC/DC)  with accuracy ±2V
      General Specifications
      RF Input 75Ω
      USB USB Micro 2.0
      Ethernet 10/100Mbps
      Display 2.8 inch 320*240 TFT LCD
      AC/DC   Adapter AC 100V to 240V   50-60Hz ,DC 15V/0.9A
      Battery 7.4V 2.5Ah Lithium Battery
      Charge Time5 hours 
      Working   Time >5 hours
      Dimension   (W*H*L) 200mm*106mm*54mm
      Weight About 600 grams (1.3 lbs)
    • DS2460Q-20200701.pdf

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