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  • 20 Channels 3Ω 60V AC Low Ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Tester)

    Model: AT5220


    ●Adopt vector method and measure multi parameter silmutaneously

    ●Comparator(sorting) function

    ●Detection of damage test wire

    ●Compatible with SCPI

    ●Brand-new improved sampling circuit

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    • AT5220 is a newly designed high-precision, high-stability multi-channel battery tester. It can quickly complete sorting of 20 sets of battery voltage and internal resistance; It adopts high-performance ARM microprocessor control. True color 3.5 inch ## (LCD English display) ##, operation is more convenient. Widely used in battery manufacturers for rapid separation of contact resistance, battery voltage and battery internal resistance. A new and improved sampling circuit that can measure any kind of battery. Instrument has a professional sorting function, sorting the sound settings, adding the HANDLER interface (PLC interface) and RS-232C interface, supporting SCPI protocol and Modbus protocol (Modbus has become the national standard GB/T19582-2008) applied to automatic sorting system completes fully automated assembly line test. It can be equipped with USB interface for remote control and data acquisition and analysis, making it ideal for mass production of batteries.

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    • Parameters20 channels AC resistance, 20 channels DC voltage
      AccuracyResistance: 0.2%, Voltage: 0.01%
      RangeResistance:0.01mΩ~3.000Ω; Voltage:0.00001V~60.000VDC
      Signal SourceAC 1kHz, measurement current: < 150mA
      RangeAutomatic and manual with 3 ranges
      SpeedFast:10CH/1s, 10CH/2s, 10CH/3s
      Result DisplayShow, ABS, ∆%, θ, sorting results
      Display MaxResistance: 3,0000, Voltage: 60,000
      AdjustmentShort-circuit reset for all range
      ComparatorNG-LO, GD-IN, NG-HI display and output. beep is adjustable
      TriggerInternal, manual, external and remote
      InterfaceRS-232C interface, Handler interface(PLC)
      Power SupplyVoltage:85V AC~240V AC; Frequency:50Hz; Power:Max 15VA
      Demension264mm   (W)*107mm (H)*350mm (D)
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