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  • 3.3kΩ 400VDC AC Low Ohm Meter(Battery Internal Resistance Tester)

    Model: AT527


    ●33000 AC resistance readings, 6-bit DC voltage reading

    ●Resistance test range: 0.0001mΩ~3.3000kΩ

    ●Voltage test range: 0.00001V~400.000VDC

    ●0.5% resistance accuracy

    ●0.01% voltage accuracy

    ●HANDLER interface

    ●RS-232C and USB communication interface

    ●U disk real-time storage full touch operation

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      AT527/527B features a fully automated, real-time, micro-desktop instrument controlled by a high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor. Instrument used 4.3 inches true color LCD display, full touch operation, a new instrument interactive experience.

      This instrument can test 0.0001mΩ~3.3kΩ resistance, 0.00001V~400.000V DC voltage, maximum resistance 33000 display digits, and maximum voltage 800000 display digits. The AT527/527B combines high-precision, high-resolution and ultra-high-speed measurement with 0.5% resistance accuracy and 0.01% voltage accuracy up to 70 times per second.

      The instrument is used for professional sorting function, standard Handler (PLC) interface, separate output resistance HIGH / IN / LOW signal and voltage HIGH / IN / LOW signal, can fully cope with high-speed automatic sorting system to complete the automatic pipeline test, At the same time, the enhanced IO signal can directly drive the power relay and signal relay.

      The instrument has built-in RS-232C interface and USB-232 interface. The instrument is equipped with universal data acquisition software, comes with database function and Excel.

      The export function can be effectively applied to remote control and data acquisition and analysis.

      The instrument uses Amber Instruments to enhance the computer remote control instruction set, compatible with SCPI (StandardCommandforProgrammable

      Instrument can control the standard command set of the instrument and Modbus protocol (Modbus has become the national standard GB/T19582-2008) applied to the automatic sorting system to complete the automatic pipeline test. Efficiently complete remote control and data acquisition functions.

      The newly improved AC resistance test principle can be used for the internal resistance test of almost all batteries, including the pipeline inspection of various batteries such as lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, and button batteries.


      ●Various contact resistance tests

      ●Determination of deterioration and life evaluation of alkaline batteries, lead storage batteries and lithium batteries

      ●Battery factory inspection

      ●Super Capacitor Equivalent Resistance (ESR) Measurement

    • ParametersAC resistance, DC voltage
      AccuracyResistance: 0.5%; Voltage: 0.01%
      RangeResistance:0.0001mΩ~3.3000kΩ;   Voltage:0.00001V~400.000VDC
      Signal Source1kHz, frequency stability: 20ppm
      RangeUse the 7 range test:3mΩ~3kΩ
      SpeedFull channel open and manual range mode:
      Slow speed: 3 times / sec
      Medium speed: 20 times / sec
      Fast: 40 times / sec
      High speed: 70 times / sec
      Result DisplayDirect reading, ΔABS, Δ%, θ, sorting result
      Display MaxResistance:33,000 Voltage:400,000
      AdjustmentShort-circuit reset for all range
      ComparatorThe instrument has a sorting function. RHI/RNG/RLO   output. VHI/VNG/VLO output. Total NG/OK output Compare: Absolute Tolerance   ±TOL Sort: The absolute deviation of measured value and nominal value is   compared to the limits of each range. Percentage tolerance %TOL Sorting: The   percentage deviation of the measured value and the nominal value is compared   to the limits of each range. Sequential comparison sorting: the measured   value is directly compared with upper and lower limits
      TriggerInternal, manual,external and remote
      InterfaceHandler interface (PLC),RS232C interface, USB   iunterface
      Display 4.3-inch TFT-LCD true color display, full   touch operation
      Power SupplyVoltage: 195VAC~245VAC; Frequency: 50Hz; Power: up to 15VA
      Demension264mm (W)*107mm (H) *350mm (D) 
      AccessoriesATL527 Kelvin test leads, ATL108 RS232 interface cable
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