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  • 50mA to 10A and 10A to 100A AC/DC Current Oscilloscope Probe

    Model: OC5010


    Wide measuring range: 0.05A - 100A
    Conversion ratio: 100mA/V | 10mA/V
    Bandwidth: DC~100KHz
    Jaw size: 11.8mm (MAX)
    BNC connector, generally applied to many types of oscilloscope
    ●Zero adjustment knob: demagnetization and zero adjustment

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    • OC5010 Current Probe.jpg

      OC5010 AC_DC Current Probe.jpg

    • ModelOC5010
      Current range50mA~10A peak10A~100A peak
      Output signal(percentage error)3%±5mV500mA~10A peak:4%±500µv
      10A~100A peak:100A max.15%
      Phase shiftDC~65Hz:<1.5°DC~65Hz:<1°
      Slew rate0.3V/µs20mV/µs
      Rise/fall time<3µs<4µs
      Frequency range(-3dB)DC~100kHz
      Load impedance≥1MΩ and≤100pF
      Input impedance0.01Ω
      Max.captured conductor sizeDiameter 11.8mm
      Battery9V Alkaline battery. Low battery indicator:>6.5V,LED is green
      Overload indicatorRed LED means the measure current is too big and it need to change the measuring range
      Weight330g(battery included)

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