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  • 1.22GHz Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer

    Model: DS2831


    ●7 inch Capacitive Touchscreen with excellent touch response

    ●4~1.22 GHz Real spectrum analyzer performance(optional extension to 2.15 GHz)

    ●Downstream & Upstream Spectrum Analysis cover DOCSIS3.1 frequency bands

    ●Full DOCSIS3.1 capabilities with downstream OFDM and 32x SC-QAM bonded carriers, and upstream OFDM transmit feature with 8x SC-QAM bonded carriers

    ●Up to 47dB MER with 48 hours of statistical recording with 1 second resolution

    ●Analog TV and SC-QAM

    ●Time-Domain EVS Measurements: uncover interference from LTE signals under downstream QAM carriers with no service interruptions

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      ApplicationFor ContractorsFor InstallersFor Network
      For HE or Hub
      Spectrum Analysis   Frequency1.228 GHz1.228 GHz1.228 GHz1.228 GHz
      MER41 dB 43 dB 45 dB 47 dB
      DS2831-802 2.15GHz Frequency   Extension

      DS2831-805 Spectrum Persistence

      DS2831-803 CATV Distortions   PackageOptionalStandardStandardStandard
      DS2831-804 Video Parameters   Package
      DS2831-806 EVS (error vector   spectrum)

      DS2831-807 MPEG-2 Package

      DS2831-811WIFI PackageOptionalOptionalOptionalStandard
      DS2831-809 Forward/reverse   Passive Sweep

      DS2831-810 Upstream Sweep with   Kingstone

      DS2831-808 USG Test PackageOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
      DS2831-812 1Gbps TestingOptionalOptionalOptionalStandard
      DS2831-813 OFDM TestingOptionalStandardStandardStandard
      DS2831-814 Web Remote ControlOptionalOptionalOptionalStandard
      DS2831-816 BER Recording

      DS2831-800Visual Fault Locator (650nm, 10mW);
      Optical Power Meter (7 Wavelengths)
      DI-1000 Lightel Optical   Fibrescope w/ 6x tipsOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
      DS2831-819EDGE CertificateOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
      DS2831-820EDGE Asset Management   SystemOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
      DS2831-W11 Year Warranty Extension/year,
      Up to 5 Years Total

      Integrating multiple functions in a very small portable instrument,the DS2831 is a new-generation Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer with a comprehensive measurement suite specifically designed for HFC network testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
      The DS2831s main functions include Analog TV and Digital TV analysis, DOCSIS 3 0 analysis, Spectrum Analysis, Forward/Return Path Sweep, Upstream Signal Generation, simple Ethernet and Wi-Fi testing, and Auto Test.
      With the latest in miniaturized technology, the DS2831 affording outstanding performance to the CATV engineer Its RF features are based on a handheld spectrum analyzer, with 80dB of dynamic range.
      A host of new applications help HE/HUB and field engineers perform in-service measurements and locate interference Upstream Spectrum Analysis mode offers a persistence mode (any frequency band, max span 206 MHz) that will show interference under bursty signaling.
      In the Analog TV mode, when VITS signals are inserted, gated CCN, CSO, CTB, CLDI, DG-DP, DoM, and ICR measurements allow in-service channel testing; the DS2831 can also perform non-intrusive measurements.

      For DVB-C and CMTS downstream signals, the revolutionary Frequency & Time EVS function enables users to detect coherent distortions hiding under QAM carriers like LTE – without interrupting service The DS2831 also supports Transport Stream Analysis, showing reactive bandwidth usage, basic TS structure, TR 101 290, PID view, PCR, PSIP, PAT, and PMT tables.
      The DS2831 supports the Toolbox PC software for small- scale applications The SYNCOR platform manages asset and test data for larger applications. As fiber-optic technology continues to expand into the CATV network space, the DS2831's optical measurement options – including an optical power meter and visual fault location - are now standard-issue
      (Fibrescope optional).



      Persistence Analysis


      In-service Error Vector Spectrum


      Upstream Frequency Response


      IP Test Suite 


    • Downstream Spectrum Analysis
      Frequency Range4~1220 MHz standard (up to 2150 MHz optional)
      Frequency Stability±1x10-6 (0 ~ 50°C / 32~122°F)
      Frequency Step1kHz
      Resolution Bandwidth (-3dB)1kHz,3kHz,10kHz,30kHz,100kHz,300kHz,1MHz,3MHz
      Video Bandwidth (-3dB)30Hz,100Hz,300Hz,1kHz,3kHz,10kHz,30kHz,100kHz,300kHz,1MHz,3MHz
      Display Scale / Range1, 2, 5, 10, 20dB/div; 8 vertical divisions
      Sweep Time20ms~25s
      Input Level Range-60 ~ +60dBmV
      Dynamic Range80dB (30kHz RBW)
      Sensitivity-60dBmV (100kHz RBW, preamp on)
      Attenuation0~40dB in 1dB steps (Automatic/Manual modes)
      Pre-Amplifier18dB gain (Manual)
      Measurement Accuracy< ±1.0dB @ +25 ±5°C (typical)
      Detector ModesPositive Peak; Negative Peak; Sample; Average; RMS
      Reference Level-80 ~ +70dBmV
      Markers2 vertical markers
      Analog TV Measurement
      Frequency Range 7 ~ 1220 MHz
      Standards B/G, I, D/K, L/L', M/N
      Color Standards NTSC, PAL, SECAM
      Frequency Steps 10kHz
      Level Measurement Range -40 ~ +60dBmV
      Accuracy <±1.0dB   @ +25 ±5 °C (S/N > 30dB)
      Level Resolution 0.1dB
      Resolution Bandwidth 300kHz
      HUM Measurement 1~15%; ±0.5% (1~5%); ±1.0% (5~15%)
      Depth of Modulation   Range 40~95%, ±1.5% (C/N>40 dB)
      Tilt MeasurementUp to 16 channels
      Attenuator40dB maximum (Automatic)
      Upstream Spectrum Analysis
      Frequency Range 4~210MHz
      Frequency Span 42 / 64 / 84 / 116 / 206 MHz, zero span
      Resolution Bandwidth   (-3dB) 300kHz
      Video Bandwidth 300kHz
      Display Scale / Range 1, 2, 5, 10, 20dB/div; 8 vertical divisions
      Sweep Time 20ms~25s
      Input Level Range -60~+60dBmV
      Attenuation 0~40dB in 1dB steps (Automatic/Manual modes)
      Measurement Accuracy <±1.0dB @ +25 ±5°C (typical)
      Detector Modes Positive Peak; Negative Peak; Sample; Average
      Digital Persistence
      0~7MHz 100% POI; minimum signal duration 2.5ms
      4~46MHz 100% POI; minimum signal duration 4.5ms
      4~68MHz 100% POI; minimum signal duration 4.64ms
      4~88MHz 100% POI; minimum signal duration 5.3ms
      4~120MHz 100% POI; minimum signal duration 6.3ms
      4~210MHz 100% POI; minimum signal duration 10.6ms
      Digital TV Measurement
      Frequency Range 7~1220MHz
      Power Level Range -30 ~ +50dBmV
      Accuracy <±1.5dB @ +25 ±5°C (C/N > 20dB)
      Level Resolution 0.1dB
      Pre-Amplifier18dB gain (Automatic)
      Attenuator 40dB maximum (Automatic)
      Modulation Type16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM (J.83 Annex A, C)
      64, 256 QAM (J.83 Annex B)
      Interleave Depth 128*1~128*4   (J.83B) 12*17 (J.83A,C)
      Symbol Rate 1.0 ~ 7.0 MS/s
      SNR >47dB; Accuracy ±2.0dB
      MER >47dB; Accuracy ±2.0dB
      EVM <0.36%
      BER 1E-3 ~ 1E-9
      Constellation 16, 32,64,128,256 QAM
      Cable Modem Measurements (Downstream)
      Frequency Range108~1218MHz   / 258~1218MHz
      Demodulat.DOCSIS 3.0 64QAM, 256QAM
      DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-carrier   OFDM 16 to 4096QAM
      Max   SpeedDOCSIS 3.0 1.2   Gbps (32 DS channel bonding)
      DOCSIS 3.1 1.97   Gbps (2 OFDM 192MHz channels)
      Channel   BondingDOCSIS 3.0 Up   to 32 SCQAM
      DOCSIS 3.1 2   OFDM, 192 MHz + 32 SCQAM
      BandwidthDOCSIS 3.0 6MHz   / 8MHz
      DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM   192MHz, SCQAM 6MHz / 8MHz
      Input Signal Level-15~+15   dBmV
      Cable Modem Measurements (Upstream)
      Frequency Range5~85 MHz / 5~204MHz
      Signal   BandwidthTDMA200/400/800/1600/3200/6400kHz
      OFDMA96MHz   (DOCSIS 3.1, BPSK to 4096 QAM)
      Output   Signal LevelTDMA+8 ~ +54 dBmV (32QAM, 64QAM);
      +8 ~ +55 dBmV (8QAM, 16QAM)
      +8 ~ +58 dBmV (QPSK)
      S-CDMA+8 ~ +53 dBmV (all modulations)
      OFDMA+11~ +65 dBmV
      Channel   BondingDOCSIS 3.0 Up to 8 channels
      DOCSIS 3.1 Up to 2 OFDMA Channels
      Max Speed320Mbps with 8 upstream channels bonding
      720Mbps with 1 OFDMA 96 MHz channel
      Upstream Signal Generator
      Signal ModulationCW, QPSK, 8/ 16 / 32/ 64 / 256 QAM (no FEC)
      Symbol Rate160   kHz/s; 320 kHz/s; 640 kHz/s; 1.28 MS/s;2.56 MS/s; 5.12 MS/s
      MER>38dB; Accuracy ±2.0dB
      Frequency Range5~85MHz
      Frequency Step1MHz
      Signal Level Range8~60dBmV
      Level Adjustable   Step1dB
      Advanced Upstream  Signal Generator (Option)
      Signal   ModulationAnnex ACW, QPSK, 16 / 64 / 256 QAM
      Annex BCW, 64 / 256 QAM
      FECRS (204, 188) J.83A; RS (128, 122) J.83B
      Symbol Rate1~7MS/s
      MER >40dB; Accuracy ±2.0dB
      BER <1E-9
      Frequency Range 4 ~ 210MHz
      Frequency Step 10kHz
      Phase Noise 100dBc @ 10kHz; 115dBc @ 100kHz (CW @ 50 MHz)
      Frequency Accuracy 2ppm
      Settling Time 2ms
      Signal Level Range 0~60dBmV
      Level Accuracy ±1.5dB (CW); ±2.0dB (QAM)
      Level Adjustable Steps 0.1dB
      Transport Stream Analysis
      Real-Time Analysis

      Real-time   transport stream info, including service name,ID, provider info, video/audio PIDs. Detailed audio/video data for

      unencrypted programs.

      TR 101 290 Priority 1, 2, 3TR   101 290 Priority 1, 2, 3 real-time testing & monitoring.
      Basic InformationVarious TS details, including data type % breakdown;transmission speed; packet length; network info.
      PID ListDisplays PIDs in current stream w/type,symbol rate and % of each
      PCR Monitor

      Calculates PCR interval/ accuracy; real-time dynamic graph of

      results; max/min interval/ accuracy data.

      PSI/SI ListDisplays PSI/SI info (PAT,PMT,CAT, NIT,SDT,TDT,EIT)in tree view
      Program List (EPG Info)Transport stream EPG, including program #, service name & ID, carrier frequency,provider info,modulation type & symbol rate.
      Reverse Path Sweep
      FSK Tx Frequency 5~210MHz
      FSK Tx Amplitude 10~50dBmV
      FSK Rx Frequency 42~300MHz
      FSK Rx Sensitivity -40dBmV
      Pilot Frequency 5~210MHz
      Pilot Frequency Amplitude 10~50dBmV
      Tx Test Signal Amplitude 0~60dBmV
      Tx Test Signal Frequency 5~210MHz
      Tx Test Frequency   Point 1~16 frequency points

      DS2831 Units Supported 


      DS1610 supports up to 4 units
      Frequency 2.4G,5G
      Supported   Standards 802.11 a/b/g/n
      Security Mode WPA / WPA2 / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
      Encryption WEP / AES / TKIP
      Test Parameters SSID, Level, Channel
      GPS Option
      C/A Code Rate 1.023MHz
      Receiver   Frequency L1(1575.42MHz)
      Track Channels 56
      Positioning Performance
      2D Plant 5m [Average]
      2D Plant 3.5m [Average], with DGPS Auxiliary
      Drift <0.02m/s
      Timing Accuracy 1μs
      Coordinate Frame WGS-84
      Maximum  Elevation 18000m
      Acceleration <4g
      Electrical Parameters
      Tracking   Sensitivity -162dBm
      Acquisition   Sensitivity -160dBm
      Avg. Time to StartCold start 29s
      Warm start 28s
      Hot start 1s
      Avg. Reacquisition   Time 0.1s
      Operation   Temperature -30~+80°C
      Optical Power Measurement
      Accuracy ±0.17dB (±3%)
      Detector Type InGaAs Φ2000μm
      Dynamic Range -50dBm~+27dBm
      Linearity 0.07db/10dB
      Resolution 0.01dBm, mW, μW, nW
      Wavelength 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1610nm
      Interface FC/SC/ST Universal Connector Interface adapter
      Visual Fault Locator
      Output Wavelength 650 ± 10nm
      Output Power 10mW
      Safety Standard IEC 60825-1: 2007
      Interface FC/PC
      Fiber Inspection Scope
      Pass/Fail Testing Supported
      Resolution 0.5μm
      Field of view 425μm*320μm
      Interface and Power Supply USB 2.0
      Focus Manual adjustment, 2mm max travel
      Dimensions 175mm ×Φ3500 (probe without cap)
      General Specification
      USB USB 2.0
      Ethernet RJ45, 10/100T Ethernet
      Display 7 inch capacitive touchscreen; TFT LCD, 800x480 pixels
      AC/DC Adapter AC 100 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz; DC 12V / 5A
      Battery Li-ion, 7.4V / 10Ah
      Charge Time ~4 hrs.
      Working Time ~8 hrs.
      Operation Temperature -10~+50°C
      Storage Temperature -20~+60°C
      Dimensions (W*H*L) 245mm*155mm*60mm
      Weight ~2.2kg
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