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  • 0 to 2000um Bluetooth Function Coating Thickness Gauge with External Probe

    Model: EC-777E


    ●2.4 inch color screen with Bluetooth function
    ●Double principle in one, ruby probe
    ●Measuring range is 0 to 2000um with External probe (other ranges can be customized)
    ●0.1μm resolution and ±(2%+1um) accuracy
    ●The maximum speed is 2 times/s
    ●Support zero calibration and multi-point calibration
    ●Display a curve, bar chart or trend chart
    ●Automatic rotation screen
    ●USB to computer
    ●Sound volume adjustable
    ●Red LED alarm, blue and green LED status reminder

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    • coating thickness gauge


      This series of thickness gauge can nondestructive measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on metal surfaces and non-ferromagnetic metal coatings on ferromagnetic metals (e.g. iron, nickel, cobalt, etc.), including measuring the thickness of iron, stainless steel surface paint or galvanized layer, measuring the thickness of aluminum,copper surface paint or plastic film.
      EC-777 is with a Internal probe, magnetic induction and eddy current effect integrated probe, measuring range is 0~2000μm and measuring accuracy is ±(2%+1μm), resolution is up to 0.1μm.
      EC-777 is highly anti-interference and can work in complex electromagnetic field. During measurement, the user needs to quickly attach the end of probe to the surface of the object being measured, during the process of the probe shrinking into the instrument, the instrument can automatically distinguish the properties of the substrate and measure the thickness of the coating (plating) layer. The measurement results can be sent to the APP in real time by Bluetooth. Besides, with big memory card, the gauge record data automatically. And records could be sent to computer by USB.
      EC-777 has a strong data processing ability, can display a variety of statistics map and data, and can indicate and alert the over-limit situation.
      The instrument integrates AI technology and adds the functions of environment self-adaptation and self-protection. The instrument is with a simple standardized menu interface on the large color screen. The realization of many advanced technology and schemes has greatly enhanced the user’s sense of human-computer interaction experience.
      EC-777E is with external probe version, the gauge can be equipped with a variety of separated probes for easy replacement. EC-777E is better suited to work in narrower spaces or on assembly lines compared with EC-777.

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    • ModelEC-777EC-777E
      Probe typeInternal probeSeparated probe
      Measuring principleFe: Magnetic induction ;   NFe: Eddy currents
      Measuring range0~2000μm
      Bluetooth & APPYesYes
      Resolution0.1μm(0~100μm) ;   1μm(>100μm)
      Unitμm, mm, mils, inch
      CalibrationZero calibration and multi-point calibration
      StatisticNumber of readings, Max, Min, Mean, sample standard deviation, coefficient of variation,number below limit, number above limit
      ChartCurve, bar chart or trend chart
      Readings memory10X13X10 measurement data
      Probe trigger modeMechanical trigger, trigger force: 0.4~0.8N
      Minimum curvature radiusConvex 5mm / Concave 25mm
      Minimum measuring areaDiameter 15mm
      Minimum thickness of substrateFe:  0.20mm;  NFe: 0.03mmFe:   0.20mm;  NFe: 0.03mm
      Maximum measuring rate2 readings / s
      Display2.4 inch color screen
      Operation environmentTemperature: -10~50°C ;   Humidity: 20~90%RH (Non-condensing
      Storage environmentTemperature: -20~60°C ;   Humidity: 20~90%RH (Non-condensing)
      Power supply

      Two pcs 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries ;

      Two pcs 1.2V AAA rechargeable batteries

      Protection classIP40
      Dimensions146mm*76mm*32mmHousing:  146mm*76mm*32mm ;
      Wire: Φ3.5*1000mm
      Probe: Φ17*67mm
      WeightAbout 137g (No battery)Housing:  about 137g (No battery)
      Probe: about 63g
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