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  • 6 1/2 Digits True RMS Benchtop Digital Multimeter

    Model: SDM3065X-SC


    ●4.3 inch TFT-LCD with 480*272

    ●Real 6½ digits readings resolution (2,200,000 counts)

    ●1Gb Nand flash size, Mass storage configuration files and data files

    ●True-RMS AC Voltage and AC Current measuring

    ●File management (support for U-disc and local storage)

    ●Built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocouple

    ●Standard interface: USB Device, USB Host, LAN

    ●Optional Accessories: GPIB and Scanner Card

    ●Support remote control via commands and compatible with commands of main stream multimeters

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    • SDM3065X is a 6 ½ digit digital (2,200,000 count) multimeter incorporating a dual display and is especially well suited for the needs of high-precision, multifunction and automatic measurement.


      Scanner card SC1016

      The Scanner Card SC1016 is a multiplexer that provides multi-point measurement capabilities to the SDM3065X-SC. The scanner features 12 multi-purpose + 4 current channels and supports the following measurement functions: DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2WR, 4WR, CAP, FREQ, DIODE, CONT and TEMP (RTD and Thermocouple).It provides a convenient and versatile solution for test applications that require multiple measurement points or signals and is an ideal tool for R&D burn-in and production testing.


      Ordering Information

      Standard Accessories

      A Power Cord that fits the standard of  destination country

      Two Test Leads, Two Alligator Clips

      A USB Cable

      A Quick Start

      A guaranty Card

      A CD (including EasyDmm computer   software system)

      Optional Accessories


      Scanner Card

    • SpecificationsMeasuring RangeBasic Accuracy   (1 year)
      ±(% reading + % range)
      DCV200mV~1000V0.0035 + 0.0006
      ACV(True-RMS)200mV~750V0.06+ 0.03
      DCI200μA~10A0.050 + 0.002
      ACI(True-RMS)200μA~10A0.10 + 0.04
      2/4-Wire Resistance200Ω~100MΩ0.010 + 0.001
      Capacitance2nF~100mF1 + 0.1
      TemperatureSupport for TC and RTD   sensor
      Max. Reading6½ digits (2,200,000 counts)
      Scanner Card  SC1016
      Diode Test
      Continuity   Test
      Period Test1μs~333.33 ms
      Measurement Speed10k rdgs/s
      MathMax,   Min, Average, Standard Deviation, dBm/dB, Relative Measurement, Histogram,   Bar Chart, Trend Chart, Limit
      Volatile Storage of Reading 10k reading of history   records
      Non-Volatile Storage1 Gb NAND flash. Support   U-disk external storage
      Standard InterfaceUSB Device, USB Host, LAN
      Optional InterfaceGPIB and Scanner Card
      Display4.3 inch TFT-LCD with   resolution 480*272
      Dimensions (L*H*W)345.45mm*107.21mm*260.29mm
      Weight3.377kg(without package)

      Scanner Card  SC1016

      To achieve the best performance from the product, please read this guide carefully

      Max AC Voltage125Vrms or 175V peak, 100kHz,
      0.3 A switched, 125VA ( resistive load )
      Contact Life

      >100000 operations, at 1A 30VDC( at 0.5 Hz )

      >100000 operations, at 0.3A 125VDC ( at 0.5 Hz )

      Contact  Resistance75 mΩ (maximum at 6VDC, 1A)
      Actuation Time180ms maximum on/off (channel to channel)
      Maximum Switching Voltage250VAC, 220 VDC
      Maximum Switching Power62.5VA / 30W
      Insulation ResistanceMinimum   1GΩ ( 500VDC )
      Connector TypeClamp terminal, #24 AWG wire size


    • SDM3065X_DataSheet_DS06036-E02F.pdf

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