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  • GSM SMS Internal Sensor and External Probe Temperature Humidity Data Logger

    Model: GSM-200E


    ●Sending and receiving mobile phone messages
    ●Can connect with 3 mobile numbers at the same time
    ●With Mobile Phone APP and PC software
    ●Storage capacity is up to 500000 readings
    ●Measuring interval is optional from 10 sec to 18 hours
    ●Can generate report of txt/csv/xls/dlg
    ●Data anti-lost when power off
    ●Low battery protection
    ●Multiple probes optional

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    • GSM series data loggers are used to measured and recorded temperature and for wireless network platforms. Sending and receiving mobile phone messages is one of the distinctive features of this series of instruments.
      GSM series data loggers are with professional PC software and mobile APP. Users can configure the functions and parameters of the instrument through the PC software or mobile phone APP, and can also use the mobile phone APP to view data in real time and manage messages. Users only need to connect the instrument (via USB) to the computer, then it will directly generate the report without additional software. Users can also export the report in multiple formats through PC software.
      GSM-100E is using the normal temperature probe, the measuring range of its internal probe is -30~+65 ℃ , and external probe is -40~+125℃.

      On the basic of GSM-100E, GSM-200E added the humidify measuring function. Therefore it needs to be used with an external temperature and humidity probe. Therefore it needs to be used with an external temperature and humidity probe.



    • ModelGSM-100EGSM-700EGSM-200E
      Measuring TypeTemperatureTemperatureTemperature , Humidity
      Probe TypeInternal, ExternalInternal, ExternalExternal
      Unit℃,℉℃,℉Temperature :℃,℉; Humidity :%RH
      Measuring RangeInternal:-30~+65℃
      Internal  :-30~+65℃
      External :-200~+250℃
      Temperature :-40~+125℃
      Humidity :0~100%RH(Non-condensing)
      Please check it below for others
      ±1℃( others )
      Temperature   :±0.2℃(0~+65℃); Please check it below for others
      Humidity :±3%RH(10~90%RH,25℃)
      Resolution0.1℃0.1℃Temperature :0.1℃; Humidity :0.1%RH
      Storage Capacity25920 or 500000   readings(Software optional)
      Response Time(t90)15 min(Internal Probe);5   min(External Probe)
      Measuring Interval5 sec
      Display Refresh Interval5 sec
      DisplaySegment LCD
      Operation Temperature-10℃~+50℃(Non-condensing)
      Storage Temperature-20℃~+60℃(without battery)
      Power Supply4 * AA 1.5V Alkaline   Battery; USB 5V/2A
      Battery Life1   year(Condition: Battery capacity 2000mAh, operation temperature 25℃, the number of messages will not be sent over 12 per day)
      Protection ClassIP65
      Weight130g(not including battery and probe)
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