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  • 9KHz to 1.6GHz AC Coupled Spectrum Analyzer with 1.6GHz Tracking Generator

    Model: HSA2016B


    ●Frequency range: 9KHz-1.6GHz (tunable to 9KHz) AC Coupled with 1.6GHz Tracking Generator

    ●Optimal sensitivity: -161dBm   RBW:10Hz to 1MHz
    ●built-in large capacity lithium battery
    ●5.6 inch 640*480 resolution display
    ●Optional FM/AM modulation analysis, including carrier power, modulation rate, AM depth/FM deviation, SINAD and carrier frequency offset.
    ●Standard interface USB Host & Device, optional WIFI/LAN interface

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    • ModelHSA2016AHSA2016B
      Frequency Range9KHz~1.6GHz   AC Coupled9KHz~1.6GHz   AC Coupled 5M~1.6GHz TG
      Frequency Resolution1Hz
      Reference Frequency10MHz
      Frequency Readout Accuracy±(frequency   indication*frequency reference uncertainty+1%*span+20%RBW+marker   resolution+1Hz)
      Internal 10MHz Reference AccuracyAging   rate±1ppm/year(0°C~50°C, Reference is 25°C)
      Temperature stability±1ppm/year
      Marker Resolution(Frequency   span)/(number of sweep points-1)
      Resolution Bandwidth(RBW)
      -3dB Bandwidth10Hz   to 1MHz, 1-3-10 sequence
      Accuracy±5%    RBW=10Hz~1MHz nominal
      Resolution Filter Shape Factor<5:1 nominal 
      Video Bandwidth(VBW)-3dB bandwidth1Hz   to 1MHz, 1-3-10 sequence
       Accuracy±10%   VBM=1Hz~1MHz nominal
      Displayed Average Noise Level (normalized to1Hz)
      9K~1MHzPreamp   off-108dBm, typical -127dBm
      1MHz ~10MHz-128dBm, typical -146dBm
      10MHz ~500MHz-142dBm, typical -146dBm
      500MHz ~2.5GHz-141dBm, typical -145dBm
      2.5GHz ~3GHz-140dBm, typical -144dBm
      9K~1MHzPreamp   on-131dBm, typical -150dBm
      1MHz ~10MHz-148dBm, typical -163dBm
      10MHz ~500MHz-161dBm, typical -164dBm
      500MHz ~2.5GHz-159dBm, typical -162dBm
      2.5GHz ~3GHz-158dBm, typical -161dBm
      SSB Phase Noise
      Carrier Offset(20°C~30°C, 500MHz Central Frequency)10K< -92   dBc/Hz, typical -95 dBc/Hz
      30K< -93   dBc/Hz, typical -96 dBc/Hz
      100K< -95   dBc/Hz, typical -97 dBc/Hz
      1MHz< -117   dBc/Hz, typical -119 dBc/Hz
      Sweep Time
      RangeSpan >100Hz2ms   to 1000s
      Span=0Hz600ns   to 200s
      Sweep ModeContinuous,   single
      Trigger SourceFree run; video; external
      Trigger slopeSelectable   positive or negative edge
      Trigger delaySpan =0Hz±12ms   to ±12s nominal
      Frequency Counter
      Counter Resolution1Hz
      Accuracy± (marker   frequency × frequency reference uncertainty + counter resolution)
      Level Display Range
      Log Scale and Units1 to   10 dB/divisions in 1, 2, 5, 10 dB steps, 10 divisions displayed
      Linear Scale and Units0 to   100%,10 divisions displayed
      Scale UnitdBm,dBmV,dBuV,Watts,Volts
      Sweep (Trace) Points461
      Number of Markers4
      DetectorsNormal,   positive peak, dample, negative peak, RMS
      Number of Traces4
      Trace FunctionsClear/write,   maximum hold, minimum hold, average, check, close
      Level Measurement Error±1.5dB(excluding input VSWR mismatch)  
      20~30°C, peak detector, preamplifier off,   input signal -50dBm to 0dBm
      Reference Level
      Setting Range-100dBm   to +30dBm, steps of 1dB
      Setting ResolutionLog   scale0.01dB
      Linear scaleAlmost log(2.236μV to 7.07V)
      Maximum Safety Input LevelAverage   continuous power+33dBm
      DC input voltage50Vdc
      Measurement Range9KHz~2MHzDisplayed   average noise level (DANL) to +10dB
      2MHz~3GHzDisplayed   average noise level (DANL) to +20dB
      Input attenuator range0   to 51dB,1dB steps
      Spurious Response
      Second Harmonic Distortion(SHI)<65dBc, 50MHz to 3GHz(Mixer level -30dBm, attenuator =0dB, preamp off, 20°C~30°C)

      +8dBm, Third-order intermodulation  

      products:2 x -20dBm;   frequency separation 100KHz:attenuation = 0dB; preamp off, 20°C~30°C

      Input Related Spurious<-75dBc, (input mixer = -30dBm)
      Inherent Residual Response<-90dBm, typical -98dBm (Input   terminated and 0 dB RF attenuation, preamplifier off)
      RF Input VSWR(at Tuned Frequency)10MHz   to 1.6GHz<1.5:1, nominal Attenuator setting 10~20dB
      10MHz Reference/External Trigger Input
      Reference Iinput Frequency10MHz
      Reference Input Amplitude0~10dBm
      Trigger Voltage5V  TTL level
      Connector and Output ImpendenceN female(50Ω)
      Gennral Feature
      Interface LanguageEnglish,Chinese,Chinese Traditional
      Display Index5.7   inch 640*480 resolution 64M color LCD display
      Relative Humidity<95%
      Weight2.9kg(with battery),2.6kg(without battery)
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