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  • 9kHz to 9GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer for Construction and Maintenance of 5G NR Systems

    Model: E8900A


    ●High-performance handheld analyzer for construction and maintenance of 5G NR systems
    ●Frequency range 9 kHz to 9 GHz
    ●High-speed analysis, measuring 30 GHz/s @ 7.8 kHz RBW
    ●Test and demodulate 5G NR (FR1); TDD-LTE; FDD-LTE signals
    ●Q data acquisition
    ●Internal and external antenna for max accuracy
    ●Additional modes include spectrogram; DPS; gated sweep;GPS data for locating interference
    ●Can support correlative interferometer DF antenna
    ●10.1 inch capacitive touchscreen
    ●Numerous data transfer options: LAN, USB

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    • With radio bandwidth requirements escalating to all-time highs, the 5G New Radio (NR) standard is poised to change the landscape of wireless communications. 5G NR promises to elevate the possibilities of 5G network service to all-new levels of flexibility and efficiency.
      To claim a foothold in this space, providers and technicians must be able to characterize higher frequencies - and at higher speeds - than was possible in previous generations of spectrum analysis.
      E8900A which is a 5G NR spectrum analyzer boasting a frequency range of 9 kHz to 9 GHz, a wider-than-ever IF span of 100 MHz, the speed to conduct 3+ full-span sweeps per second at 7.8 kHz RBW, and a range of digital and analog test modes designed to provide a comprehensive picture of the signal environment - including 5G NR gNB demodulation and high-accuracy interference location.

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    • Spectrum Analyzer
      Frequency range 9kHz ~ 9GHz
      Frequency ref.  accuracy (based on local clock) ±1 ppm (0 ~ +50°C)
      IF bandwidth 20 MHz, 100 MHz
      Resolution bandwidth 1 Hz ~ 3 MHz
      Video bandwidth 1 Hz ~ 3 MHz
      Dynamic range >100 dB @ 1 GHz (1   Hz RBW)
      Measurement   range DANL ~ +30 dBm
      Amplitude   accuracy ± 1.5 dB (20 ~ 30°C)
      RF max input +25 dBm peak   (typical); ±50 VDC (>30 dB atten.)
      Displayed average
      noise level (DANL)
      Typical,   preamp on-135 dBm (10 MHz ~ 3 GHz)
      -130 dBm (3 GHz ~ 6 GHz)
      -125 dBm (6 GHz ~ 9 GHz)
      Typical, preamp off-155 dBm (10 MHz ~ 3 GHz)
      -150 dBm (3 GHz ~ 6 GHz)
      -145 dBm (6 GHz ~ 9 GHz)
      3rd-order intercept   (TOI) +14 dBm (typical)
      2nd harmonic distortion < -65 dBc   (typical)
      Phase noise(100 kHz offset from 1 GHz) -105 dBc/Hz
      LTE Analyzer
      Modes TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE
      MeasurementsPower vs. RB; Power vs. time; Constellation; Channel power
      Drive Test
      Std. spectrum analysis Indoor / outdoor level testing
      TDD-LTE outdoor test Cell ID; S-SS; RSRP; RSRQ; SINR
      5G-NR spectrum analysis Indoor / outdoor PCI, Beam ID, SS-RSRP,SS-RSRQ, SS-SINR
      Spectrum Analyzer (cont'd)
      Spurs-85 dBm (preamp off)
      Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)< 2.0 @ 10 dB input attenuation
      Preamplifier18 dB
      Attenuation0~50 dB (9 kHz~6GHz); 0~30 dB (6 GHz~9 GHz)
      Span settings Full span; last span; zero span
      Sweep modes Single; continuous; gated sweep (GPS, external gate)
      Detection modes Peak; negative peak; RMS; average; normal
      Markers Up to 6 normal and delta markers
      5G NR Analyzer
      Frequency rangeFR1 band (10 MHz ~ 6 GHz)
      IF bandwidth Up to 100 MHz
      Rx sensitivity-115 dBm @ SCS = 30 kHz;  -118 dBm @ SCS = 15 kHz
      Measurements• Physical cell ID (PCI)
      • Beam ID
      • PB/PDS chan. power,constellation, EVM
      • Time offset
      • Beam stat analyzer
      • 5G NR interference detection
      • Power vs. time
      Remote Control
      Control modes Spectrum analysis;   drive testing
      Control   interface Ethernet, WiFi
      Programming   language SCPI
      IQ Data Acquisition
      Sampling rate 1.92, 3.84, 7.68,   15.36, 30.72, 61.44, 122.88 MHz
      IQ file size Up to 256 MB
      General Specifications
      Display 10.1 inch 1280 x 800   capacitive touch screen
      Test interface• 3x USB 2.0 ports, 1x USB 3.0 port
      • 1x Ethernet LAN port
      • External GPS antenna connection
      • External reference input
      • IF output
      Data transfer USB, Ethernet, WiFi
      Data storage Up to 16 GB
      Operating time > 2 hours
      Operating   temperature -10 ~ +50°C (14 ~   122°F)
      Dimensions   (LxWxH) 316mm*228mm*77mm
      Weight<4.5 kg
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