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  • 1μΩ~30KΩ 30 Channel Resistance Meter

    Model: AT5130


    ●30 channels resistance scan measurement

    ●3.5 inch True-color TFT-LCD display

    ●Can set resistance high/low limit independently

    ●Temperature compensation function

    ●Keyboard lock function

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    • AT5130 is a newly designed high-precision, wide-range, multi-channel resistance tester that can scan and test 30 resistors. Controlled by high performance ARM microprocessors. True color 3.5 inches LCD can display 30 resistors at the same time, and each channel can be set separately. AT5130 can test 1μΩ~30KΩ resistors, maximum display is 30,000. At the same time, it also has a standard temperature compensation function, which can adapt to different requirements of the test. Applied to automation equipment, HANDLER interface (PLC interface) is added to output GD/NG signal and RS-232C interface, support SCPI protocol and Modbus protocol (Modbus has become the national standard GB/T19582-2008) applied to automatic sorting system to complete automated assembly production line testing to improve production automation testing capabilities.



      Multiple winding transformer DC resistance measurement

      Coil DC resistance measurement

      Motors Multiple winding resistance measurement

    • Channel30 channels
      ParameterDC   resistance
      Measurement Range1μΩ~30kΩ
      Signal SourceMax   current:<1A
      RangeAutomatic,   manual and nominal range
      SpeedSlow speed: 10.2s/30 channels
      Medium speed: 2.49s/30 channels
      Fast: 1050ms/30 channels
      High speed: 690ms/30 channels
      Result Display30   channels direct reading display
      Max Reading30,000
      AdjustmentShort-circuit  clear zero for each range; eliminate the influence of lead resistance.
      ComparatorThe 30 channels are individually set and the instrument can be individually   sorted for each channel. Unqualified (CH1-CH30): Low level output, indicating   failure NG: All channels fail output.
      TriggerInternal trigger; remote trigger; external trigger; manual trigger
      Display3.5 inch TFT LCD   display
      InterfaceRS-232C interface (SCPI instruction set), HANDLER interface (PLC interface)
      TemperatureAccuracy:   0.2°C, temperature range: 0~80°C
      MethodFour-terminal shield for each channel(including 2 detection element and 2 driving element)
      Power SupplyVoltage:   198V AC - 240V AC Frequency: 50/60Hz Power: Max 15VA
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