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  • 0.02% Accuracy Pressure Transmitter

    Model: ET-CY11


    ●Pressure range from -100kpa to 60MPa

    ●Overload alarm function for safe production

    ●0.02% high accuracy

    ●It is widely used for pressure measure and control of petroleum, chemi-industry,metallurgy, power station and hydrology, etc.

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    • The high-precision pressure module is simple in shape and practical in function.If the double-range high-precision intelligent pressure module with two built-in pressure modules is selected, the pressure capacity will be doubled, which can reduce the frequency of module replacement and reduce the probability of damage to pressure sensor due to overpressure.  If we use the module on site, the number of modules can be reduced by half, which is convenient to use and cheap in quality. The double-range pressure module can cover the calibration range completely. When calibrating the pressure transmitter, there is no gap in the middle, and a single module can cover a wider range.

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    • ModelET-CY10ET-CY11
      Pressure Measurement Range-100kpa~60MPa 
      Pressure UnitskPa, MPa, 2.5MPa and below   is kPa, above is MPa.
      Overload Alarmwhen the pressure measurement value exceeds 110%FS, an alarm signal will be given.
      Temperature Compensation0 ~ 50°C
      Power SupplyDC5V
      Operating Environmenttemperature -5°C~ 50°C, relative humidity < 95% (no condensation).
      DimensionΦ 30 x 130 mm
      Weight0.3 kg
      Pressure InterfaceM20×1.5 (can be customized   according to user needs)
      Additional Functiontemperature measuring function

      Gage Pressure Range

      Range of PressureAccuracy Level (highest)MediumBursting Pressure

      Absolute Pressure Range

      Range of PressureAccuracy Level (highest)MediumBursting Pressure

      Compound Pressure Range

      Range of PressureAccuracy Level (highest)MediumBursting Pressure

      Differential Pressure Range

      Range of PressureAccuracy Level (highest)MediumBursting Pressure
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