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  • 8 Channel PC Based Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

    Model: Hantek1008A


    ●Integrated vehicle diagnosis,oscilloscope programmable signal generator functions

    ●8 channels oscilloscope for vehicle testing

    ●8 channels programmable generator which can analog signals of crankshaft, camshaft, etc.

    ●DAQ card function

    ●Auto Ignition Probe

    ●2.4MSa/s real time sampling rate

    ●12bit vertical resolution

    ●Spectrum analysis function

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    • 8 channels oscilloscope for vehicle testing. Over 80 types of automotive diagnostic function (Ignition/Sensor/Bus detection/Performe/Starter and charging circuits etc.). Video Help Function, provides the video help of diagnostic which can be watching online, The diagnostic result can be generated diagnostic report., printed or taken screenshot by pushing one key, many methods to save the data. Supported to record waveform for a long time. It can simulate camshaft and crankshaft signal. Transmit signals through USB 2.0 interface plug and play, and no need extra power supply.



    • Vehicle Diagnosis
      Vehicle Diagnostic Function
      IgnitionPrimary Ignition (Voltage)
      Primary Ignition(current)
      Primary   Ignition(Voltage& Current)
      Primary   Ignition (Crankshaft Senser)
      Primary   Ignition&SecondaryIgnition
      SecondarySecondary Ignition Distributor Type (Plug Lead)
      Secondary Ignition   Distributor Type (King Lead)
      Secondary DIS   (Positive-fired)
      Secondary DIS or CPC   (Negative-fired))
      Secondary Coil Output   Diagnosis
      Secondary   Ignition&Primary Ignition
      Air Flow MeterAir Flow Meter (Hot Wire)
      Air Flow Meter (Air Vane)
      Air FlowSensor (BOSCH   Diesel)
      Air Intake PressureSensor   (BOSCH Diesel)
      CamshaftCamshaft (Inductive)
      Camshaft (AC Excited)
      Camshaft (Hall Effect)
      Camshaft (BOSCH Common   Rail Diesel)
      CrankshaftCrankshaft Inductive Running
      Crankshaft Inductive   Cranking
      Crankshaft Hall Effect
      Crankshaft   Sensor &Primary Ignition
      DistributorDistributor Pick-up (Hall Effect)
      Distributor Inductive   Pick-up Cranking
      Distributor Inductive   Pick-up Running
      Lambda SensorsLambda Sensor Titania
      Lambda Sensor Zirconia
      Lambda Sensor Zirconia Pre   & Post cat
      Throttle PositionThrottle Position Potentiometer
      Throttle Position Switch
      Throttle Pedal Switch   (Bosch Diesel)
      ABS Digital Speed Sensor
      ABS Analog Speed Sensor
      Coolant Temperature (5V)
      Coolant Temperature   (GM/Vauxhall Simtec
      Crash Sensor
      MAP Analog
      MAP Digital
      Hall Effect Road Speed   Sensor
      Accelerator Pedal (Bosch   Diesel)
      Bus Diagnosis
      CAN BusCAN Bus Data View
      CAN Bus Signal Integrity
      CAN Bus LH Long Capture
      LIN BusLIN Bus
      PetrolSingle-point Injector (Voltage)
      Single-point Injector   (Current)
      Multi-point Injector   (Voltage)
      Multi-point Injector   (Current)
      Injector Voltage &   Current
      Injector Current &   Primary Ignition
      DieselCommon Rail Diesel (Current)
      Injector Bosch CDi 3   (Current)
      Injector Bosch Diesel   (Idling)
      Injector Bosch Diesel   (Accelerating)
      Diesel Glow Plugs
      Electronic Fuel Pump
      Carbon Canister Solenoid Valve
      ERG Recirculation Solenoid Valve
      Stepper Motor Example 1
      Stepper Motor Example 2
      Idle Speed Control Valve (Rotary)
      Idle Speed Control Valve (Electromagmetic)
      Throttle Servomotor (Idling)
      Throttle Servomotor (Accelerating)
      Bosch CDi3 Quantity Control Valve
      Bosch CDi3 Pressure Regulator Valve
      Variable-Speed Cooling Fan On
      Variable-Speed Cooling Fan Off
      Variable Camshaft Valve Timing
      Startup & Charge
      Charging CircuitsCharging Circuits Current/Voltage
      Charging Circuits   Current/Voltage Starting 24V
      Charging Circuits   Current/Voltage Idling 24V
      Charging Circuits   Alternator AC Ripple/Diode Diagnosis
      Relative Compression Petrol
      Relative Compression Diesel
      Starting Voltage Drop
      General Oscilloscope
      Model Hantek1008A
      Analog Channel8
      Input ImpedanceResistance: 1MΩ 
      Input Sensitivity10mV/div to 5V/div
      Input CouplingDC
      Resolution12 bits
      Memory Depth4K
      Max. Input400V (DC+AC Peak)
      Real-Time Sampling Rate2.4MSa/s
      Time BaseRange1ns/div to 20000s/div(1-2-5sequences)
      Time Base Precision±50ppm
      Trigger SourceCH1, CH2,CH3,CH4, CH5, CH6,CH7,CH8
      Trigger ModeEdge
      X-Axis InputCH1
      Y-Axis InputCH2
      Voltage MeasurementVpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vmid, Vbase,Vavg, Vrms,   Vcrms, Preshoot, Overshoot
      Time MeasurementFrequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive   Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle
      Cursors MeasurementHorizontal ,Vertical, Track, Auto Measure Modes
      Waveform Signal Process+,- , x,÷, FFT, Invert
      Voltage Range10mV to 5V/div @ x 1 probe 
      100mV to 50V/div @ x 10   probe
      10V to 5000V/div @ x 1000   probe
      100V to 50000V/div @ x   10000 probe
      200mV to 100V/div @ 20:1
      Current Range100mA to50.0A/div @ CC65(20A)
      1000mA to500.0A/div @   CC65(65A)
      1A to100.0A/div @   CC650(60A)
      1A to200.0A/div   @CC1100(100A)
      10A to2000.0A/div   @CC1100(1100A)
      FFTRectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman Window
      MathAddition, subtraction, multiplication, division
      InterfaceUSB 2.0(Full Speed)
      PowerNo need extra power supply
      Size190 x 167 x 35 (mm)
      High pressure ignition probe1
      Programmable Signal Generator
      Output LevelLVTTL
      Frequency Range0-250kHz
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