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  • 400nm to 700nm Wavelength Grating Spectrophotometer Densitometer

    Model: YD5050


    ●45/0 geometrical optics structure

    ●3.5-inch TFT true-color capacitive touch screen

    ●256-pixel dual-array CMOS image sensor

    ●Switchable apertures: Φ2/4/8mm, adapt to more samples

    ●Large-capacity storage space, over 20,000 test data

    ●Combined LED light sources

    ●USB and Bluetooth interface

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    • YD5050 Grating Spectrophotometer Densitometer with 45/0(45 ring-shaped illumination, 0 degree viewing angle), comply to standard  ISO 5-4,CIE No.15. It is suitable for using in ink printing, in Film Processing, Textile Printing and Dyeing, Plastic Electronics and Other Industries for Color Measurement and Quality Control;especially suitable for the measurement and quality control of optical density and dot enlargement in ink printing.

      Under the 45/0 geometric optical illumination and the testing conditions of M O, M 1,M 2 , M 3 stipulated by ISO 13655 standard, the instrument can accurately measure the reflectance data of samples. Under multiple color spaces, it can accurately measure various printing density indexes, color difference formulas and color indexes, and can meet the user's regular testing of various parameters. 


    • Measurement   Geometry45/0(45 ring-shaped illumination, 0 degree   viewing angle); ISO 5-4,CIE No.15
      Light SourceCombined LED   Light, UV Light
      Spectral   Separation DeviceConcave Grating
      Detector256 Image Element   Double Array CMOS Image Sensor
      Wavelength Range400~700nm
      Wavelength Pitch10nm
      Half Bandwidth10nm
      Measurement   ConditionsCompliance with   ISO 13655 measurement conditions;
      M0 (CIE Light Soure A)
      M1 (CIE Light Soure D50)
      M2 (Excluding UV light source)
      M3 (M2+Polarized light filter)
      Density StandardsISO Status A, E,   I, T
      Density indexDensity value,   density difference, dot area, dot enlargement, overprint, printing   characteristics, printing contrast, tone error and gray scale, density   scanning
      Measurement  ApertureCustomized one   aperture:Φ2mm,Φ4mm,Φ8mm optional
      Color SpacesCIE   LAB,XYZ,Yxy,LCh,CIE LUV,HunterLAB
      Color Difference   FormulaΔE*ab,ΔE*94,ΔE*00,ΔE*uv,ΔE*cmc(2:1),ΔE*cmc(1:1),ΔE(Hunter)
      Other Colorimetric   IndexWI(ASTM   E313,CIE/ISO,AATCC,Hunter),
          YI(ASTM D1925,ASTM 313),
          MI (Metamerism Index),Opacity,
      Observer Angle2°/10°
      Measurement TimeAbout 1.5s
      RepeatabilityDensity: Within   0.01 D
      Chromaticity   value:within ΔE*ab 0.03 ( When a white calibration plate is measured 30 times   at 5 second intervals after white calibration)  Except M3
      Inter-instrument   ErrorWithin ΔE*ab 0.18   (Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles) Except M3
      Measurement ModeSingle   Measurement, Average Measurement(2-99)
      Power SourceLi-ion battery.   5000 measurements within 8 hours
      Illuminant Life   Span5 years, more than   3 million times measurements
      Display3.5-inch TFT color   LCD, Capacitive Touch Screen
      InterfaceUSB, Bluetooth 4.0
      Data Memory20000 pcs
      LanguageSimplified   Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese
      Working   EnvironmentTemperature: 0~40℃; Humidity: 0~85% (No   Condensation);altitude: less than 2000 m
      Storage   EnvironmentTemperature:   -20~50℃; Humidity: 0~85% (No   Condensation)
      WeightAbout 600g
      Standard AccessoryPower Adapter, USB   Cable, Built-in li-ion battery, User Manual, software(download from the   website),White and Black Calibration Board, Protective Cover,Polarization   filter box,Locating Plate
      Optional AccessoryMicro Printer
    • Standard Accessory:

      Power Adapter

      USB Cable

      Built-in li-ion battery

      User Manual

      Software(check with the sales manager)

      White and Black Calibration Board

      Protective Cover 

      Polarization filter box

      Locating Plate

      Optional Accessory: Micro Printer

    • ModelsYD5010YD5050
      Color SpacesCIE LAB,XYZ,Yxy,LChCIE LAB,XYZ,Yxy,LCh,CIE LUV,HunterLAB
      Color Difference FormulaΔE*ab,ΔE*94,ΔE*00


      Other Colorimetric Index-   - 

      WI(ASTM   E313,CIE/ISO,AATCC,Hunter,

      YI(ASTM D1925,ASTM 313), MI (Metamerism Index),Opacity,




      InterfaceUSBUSB, Bluetooth 4.0
      Data Memory10000 pcs20000 pcs
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