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  • 4 1/2 Digits True RMS Offline Recording Bluetooth Handheld Multimeter

    Model: B41T+


    ●4 1/2 digits True RMS Offline Recording and Bluetooth Function Handheld Multimeter

    ●Through App software to monitor different mulitimeter simultaneously

    ●Chart pattern display to help analyzing trend

    ●Support voice alarm to assure measurement safety

    ●Support remote control and voice to inform measurement

    ●Support analog bar graph display synchronously

    ●Support data save/recall and compare analysis

    ●Update real time mesurement data and uploading to mobile terminal

    ●Setting record time and sample interval as per request and display by chart pattern

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    • 4 1/2 Digits True RMS Offline Recording Bluetooth Handheld Multimeter

      Our Bluetooth Multimeter allows you to transmit data directly to your Android or iOS device. Now you can view data at a safe distance from dangerous equipment or hazardous locations and even use your smart device as a real-time secondary display for checking measurements.
      The handheld digital multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and continuity. Special functions include auto ranging, data Hold, Max/Min readings, diode test, audible continuity check, relative mode, duty cycle, low-battery indication, and auto power-off. The meter also offers True RMS for more accurate current readings, temperature measurement with a type K thermocouple, and analog bar graph for viewing trends.

      Selection Guide

      ModelBluetooth ModuleTrue RMSOffline Recording Function


      More than 1 device could be monitored, assuring more measurement safety

      several pcs B35 possibly communicated with mobile app, freeing people from touching the measured object, human safety fully guaranteed.


      Functioning as multimeter + datalogger

      the measured data always updated, and auto- recorded to mobile device, saving labor to do on-site records; the recoding duration, and sampling duration could be customized, accessible in chart mode, facilitating comparison analysis between several B35.

    • SpecificationMeasurement   RangeResolutionAccruacy
      DC Voltage (V)mV220mV0.01   mV±(0.1%+5dig)
      V2.2V0.1   mV±(0.1%+2dig)
      1000V0.1   V±(0.1%+5dig)
      AC Voltage (V)mV220mV0.01 mV≤1kHz±(1.0%+10dig)
      V2.2V0.1 mV≤1kHz±(0.8%+10dig)
      750V(continuity)/1000V(typical)0.1 V≤1kHz±(1.2%+10dig)
      DC Current (A)μA220μA0.01   μA±(0.5%+10dig)
      2200μA0.1   μA±(0.5%+10dig)
      mA22mA1   μA±(0.5%+10dig)
      220mA10   μA±(0.8%+10dig)
      A20.00A   [1]1mA±(2%+25dig)
      AC Current (A)μA220μA0.01 μA≤1kHz±(0.8%+10dig)
      2200μA0.1 μA≤1kHz±(0.8%+10dig)
      mA22mA1 μA≤1kHz±(1.2%+10dig)
      220mA10 μA≤1kHz±(1.2%+10dig)
      A20.00A   [1]1 mA≤1kHz±(1.5%+10dig)
      Resistance (Ω)220Ω0.01   Ω±(0.5%+10dig)
      Capacitance (F)22nF1pF±(3.0%+5dig)
      22μF1   nF±(3.0%+5dig)
      220μF10   nF±(3.0%+5dig)
      2.2mF100   nF±(4.0%+10dig)
      220.0Hz0.1   Hz±(0.1%+4dig)
      22.000kHz1   Hz±(0.1%+4dig)
      220.00kHz10   Hz±(0.1%+4dig)
      22.00Hz100   Hz±(0.1%+4dig)
      2.2000MHz1k   Hz±(0.1%+4dig)
      22.000MHz10k   Hz±(0.1%+4dig)
      Temperature  (°C/°F)(-50°C)~(400°C)0.1°C±(1.5%+5dig)
      Duty Ratio (%)5.0%~94.9%   (typical value:Vrms=1V, f=1kHz)0.10%±(1.2%+3dig)
      0.1% - 99.9%(≥1 kHz)±(2.5%+3dig)
      Shift Rate(BLE link)shift   rate(BLE link)
      Update Rate30   times/s
      Auto Ranging√ 
      Offline Recording Function√ 
      Bluetooth Module√ 
      Record Period168   hours(7 days )
      Record Length10,000 points
      True RMS
      Diode Test√ 
      Audion Test√ 
      Auto Test√ 
      On-off Warning√ 
      Low- battery Indicator√ 
      Data Hold√ 
      Relative Measurement√ 
      Max / Min Value√ 
      LCD Backligth√ 
      Simulated Chart√ 
      Input Protection√ 
      Input Impedance10MΩ
      LCD Size69mm   x 52mm
      Battery3V(1.5V   x 2)AA
      Dimension(WxHxD85mm   x185mmx30mm
      Device Weight0.32   kg
    • Standard Accessories

      Quick Guide.jpg

      Quick Guide

      Multimeter Lead.jpg

      Multimeter Lead

      K-type Thermocouple.jpg

      K-type Thermocouple

      Optional Accessories

      Multi-function Test Bench (optional)

      Multi-function Test Bench (optional).jpg

      Soft Bag (optional)

      Soft Bag (optional).jpg

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