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  • 1310nm & 1490nm and 1550nm Triple Wavelength Light Source

    Model: LS310B


    ●Triple Wavelength output: 1310 & 1490 & 1550nm
    ●CW mode or modulated mode: 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz
    ●40 hours' working time
    ●New features: pair with AE210 Series OPM to auto-verify wavelengths and run dual-λ testing

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    • The LS310 Series of light sources is perfect for qualifying applications using fiber optics for the physical layer, including FTTx, CATV, PON, and long haul networks. These user-friendly instruments project a high-precision,
      semiconductor-grade laser for stable and accurate measurements.
      LS310 Series units work in conjunction with a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) for detecting bends, splices, and faults in optical fiber.
      Use the LS310A/B in conjunction with an AE210, 230, or 270 Optical Power Meter to access new paired functions such as wavelength auto-ID.Dual-λ mode switches between two wavelengths rapidly, producing measurement data for both.

    • ModelLS310A LS310B
      DesignationDouble Wavelength Light SourceTriple Wavelength Light Source
      Wavelengths1310 ± 20nm (FP-LD)
      1550 ± 20nm (FP-LD)

      1310 ± 20nm (FP-LD)
      1550 ± 20nm (FP-LD)
      1490 ± 3nm (DFB)

      Output Power> -5dBm> -3dBm
      RMS < 5nm
      Fiber Single-mode, 9/125 μm
      Power Stability
       (after 15min warmup)
      ± 0.04dB @ 20°C (30   min);  ± 0.08dB @ 20°C (8 hrs) 
      Optical AdapterFC & SC/PC (default),   FC & SC/APC (optional)
      Tone Generation270 Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz
      Battery2x AA batteries; > 40hrs continuous operation (backlight off)
      Adapter AC 100V~240V ± 10% output / DC 5V
      Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +60°C
      Storage Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
      Dimensions 185mm * 85mm * 45mm
      Weight< 320g (without battery)

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