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  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    Model: Upad X300


    Echo to Echo Mode

    Massive Data Memory - 100,000 Data Set

    Probe Connection / Coupling Indicator

    Accuracy:0.1/0.01mm or 0.01/0.001 inch

    Extra-long Standby Time:200 hours

    USB for Storage, Plug and Play

    ●Statistic Function

    Online Statistic :Max Min, Standard Devraation

    Document Statistic : Max Min Average, Mean Square Error

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    • Upad X Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge will be the best choice for accomplishing measurement. It fits many kinds of metal, such as steel, cast steel, aluminum, plastic ,China glass, glass fiber and any other good conductors of ultrasonic.

      There are three vision in Upad X Series, Upad X100, X200 and X300.X300 could measure the thickness of metal covered with coating, the thickness of metal base will be showed.

      Advanced Auto Probe Zeroing Calibration and Echo-Echo mode are applied on Upad X series. Taking more accurate measuring result and higher production rate to you.

      Selection Guide

      ModelAutomatic Zero




      Penetrate The




      Storage Capacity
      Upad X1000.1/0.01mmxxOnline100 Groups
      Upad X2000.1/0.01mmxOnline/Data500 Groups
      Upad X3000.1/0.01mmOnline/Data1000 Groups


    • Working Principle:Ultrasonic(Pulse-Echo / Echo Echo)

      Detection Range

      P-E Mode:0.75~500mm

      E-E Mode


      Under Coats:2~25mm

      Velocity:1000~9999m/s,Preset 5 commonly material velocity


      USB Storage:Connection USB is allowed,convenient to read thickness values


      Velocity Route Correction:Auto

      Carton Size:165mm*82mm*30mm

      Weight:250g(Including battery)


      Refresh Rate:Single point mode 5 times/s;Scan mode 25 times/s

      Statistical Data:  Online Statistics:Max.,Min.,standard deviation

                               Document Statistics:Max./ samll value,mean,variance

    • Standard Accessories

      Host  X1

      Probe(D301S,5MHz Φ10mm)  X1

      Probe Cable  X1

      Operating Manual  X1

      Tool Box  X1

      Optional Accessories

      ModelApplicationRateProbe DiameterMeasuring RangeMinimum Diameter
      DA301SStandard Application5MHz10mm0.75mm~400.0mm(Steel)Φ20mm×3.0mm
      DA301S/90Standard Application5MHz10mm0.75mm~400.0mm(Steel)Φ20mm×3.0mm
      DA303SThick Wall2MHz22mm3.0mm~300.0mm(Steel)20mm
      DA312SThick Wall7MHz6mm0.75mm~80.0mm(Steel)Φ15mm×2.0mm
      HT400SHigh Temperature5MHz14mm3mm~200mm(Steel)30mm
      DA408SHigh Attenuation2MHz22mm40mm(Grey cast iron HT200)20mm

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