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  • 0 to 2000um Bluetooth Function Coating Thickness Gauge with External Probe

    Model: EC-666SE


    ●One button control design, easy to use
    ●Dot matrix LCD display with Bluetooth function

    ●Double principle in one, ruby probe
    ●Measuring range is 0 to 2000um
    ●0.1μm resolution and ±(2%+1um) accuracy
    ●Support zero calibration
    ●Low battery protection

    ●External Probe

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    • coating thickness gauge


      The series of EC-666 coating thickness gauges can measure the thickness of non-ferrous metal coatings and non-magnetic insulating coatings on ferromagnetic metals (such as iron, nickel and cobalt, etc.)They are mainly used for non-destructive thickness measurement for the coatings of iron, paint or zinc on stainless steel, paint or plastic foil on aluminum and copper, etc.
      EC-666 is with internal probe combined with magnetic induction and eddy currents principle, which is with measurement range of 0~2000μm and accuracy of ±(3%+1μm), and the highest resolution is up to 0.1μm.
      EC-666 is only with one button, and it is easy to use. When you start measurement, place the probe vertically and rapidly on a suitable surface, then the device will automatically distinguish the substrate material and measure the thickness of coatings. EC-666 is with large storage capacity.
      The result will be recorded automatically during measurement. Data can be sent to computer via USB cable.
      On the base of EC-666, EC-666S is upgraded its probe and accuracy, and added new functions. EC-666S is with stronger anti-interference ability compared with EC-666, and it can work in the high electromagnetic fields environment. The accuracy of EC-666S is ±(2%+1μm), and the measurement result can be sent to the mobile APP in real-time via bluetooth.
      EC-666E and EC-666SE are the external probe version of EC-666 and EC-666S, their cable length is about 1 meter. Compare with the internal probe version, external probe devices are more suitable to work on narrower space or assembly line work.

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    • Model EC-666 EC-666S EC-666E EC-666SE
      Probe typeInternal probe External probe
      Measuring principle Fe: Magnetic induction;   NFe: Eddy currents
      Measuring range 0~2000μm
      Accuracy ±(3%+1μm)±(2%+1μm)±(3%+1μm)±(2%+1μm)
      Resolution 0.1μm(0~100μm);   1μm(>100μm)
      Unit μm, mm, mils
      Calibration Zero calibration


      measurement data



      measurement data

      Probe trigger mode Mechanical trigger, trigger   force: 0.5~1.2N
      Minimum curvature radiusConvex 5mm; Concave 25mm
      Minimum measuring areaDiameter 15mm

      Minimum thickness of


      Fe:   0.30mm
      NFe: 0.05mm

      Fe: 0.20mm ;

      NFe:   0.03mm

      Fe:  0.30mm
      NFe: 0.05mm

      Fe: 0.20mm ;

      NFe: 0.03mm

      Maximum measuring rate2 readings/s
      Display 128*48 dot matrix LCD display, with backlight
      Operation environment Temperature: -10~+50℃; Humidity: 20~90%RH   (Non-condensing)
      Storage environment Temperature: -20~+60℃; Humidity: 20~90%RH   (Non-condensing)
      Power supply Two pcs 1.5V AAA alkaline   battery; Two pcs 1.2V AAA rechargeable battery
      Protection class IP40
      Dimensions103mm*62mm*27mmHousing:   103*62*27mm
      Cable: Φ3.5*1000mm
      Probe: Φ17*67mm
      WeightAbout 57g (No battery) About 112g (No battery)
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