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  • 0~1500μm Coating Thickness Gauge

    Model: EC-500


    ●Measurement range up to 1500μm

    ●Dual-core 32 RAM processor for higher efficiency

    ●2 measure mode: Single/Continuous

    ●2 group model: DIR (direct)/GEN (General)

    ●3 probe mode: Auto/Magnetic/Eddy current

    ●Auto temperature compensation ensures accuracy

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    • coating thickness gauge

      Our thickness gauge design to measure the non-magnetic layers (painting, enamel, chrome etc) on steel and iron as well as all types magnetic base surface and non-conductive layers (painting and anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals) on non-ferrous surface (aluminum, zinc or Copper etc).

      All for easy and high efficient operation:

      Big button design and built in menu guide to operate easily

      Make “IT” automatically:

      The probe will detect magnetic induction or eddy currents automatically.

      In GEN status separate data group and readings will stored automatically. 

      Each group support individual statistics, alarm limit settings and calibration. 

      CAL button press to start calibration.

      Coating Thickness Gauge Selection Guide.jpg

    • Magnetic Induction:√

      Eddy Current Effect:√

      Measurement Range:  F:0~1500μm; N:0~1500μm

      Measurement Accuracy:  F:2%+1μm; N:2%+1μm

      Resolution:0μm~99.9μm:0.1μm; 100μm~999μm:1μm; >1000μm:0.01mm

      Data Storage:x


      Real-time Data Statistics:√

      CPU:32 Bits ARM

      Automatic Temperature Compensation:√

      Reset Zero:√

      Multi-Point Calibration:x

      Measurement Data Grouping:x

      One Key Data Clear (Press to delete):√

      One Key Group Data Clear (Press and hold to delete):√

      Multi-Level Battery Indicator:√

      Digital Display:Segmented LCD

      Auto Power Off:√

      USB Interface:x

      Storage Temperature:0°C~60°C

      Operating Temperature:-10°C~60°C

      Power Supply:2 x 1.5V AAA batteries

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